Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Where's the Nutmeg?

A ride around Western/Southwestern Connecticut today. Actually, I started with two caches in NY State before crossing over to Danbury and then headed South to Norwalk and East towards Milford. It didn't rain all morning long and things looked okay until around 2pm when the gale-force winds started and the torrential rain came down. I was at Maritime Micro at the time so I was caught out in the rain. Good thing I had an umbrella but I still got wet. Since it looked like it was going to be a washout the rest of the day, I went to the Maritime Aquarium, which was nearby. Lots of fish, as would be expected, but they also had sharks, seals, a loggerhead turtle, and a river otter. The otter was cute. It was asleep at first, but then it woke up and did a little dance before diving into the water.

Once I was done at the Aquarium, the rain had slowed to a mere drizzle so I went out and got two more quick caches before calling it a day. Thankfully, the horrendous I-95 Southbound traffic had cleared up by then.

Wanna Bet? (New York)
Bailey Park in Somers, near Old Bet.

Grumpy Old Men (New York)
Birdwood Preserve in Brewster.

JMB-30 Pocahontas & Wood (Connecticut)
Putnam State Park in Redding. The name of the cache is the place to park!

Putnams Colonials (Connecticut)
Putnam State Park in Redding. Short walk from the previous cache.

A Bath for Ewe (Connecticut)
Town Forest in Wilton.

MARITIME MICRO (Connecticut)
Norwalk, not far from the Maritime Aquarium.

Along came a spider (Connecticut)
Stratford. Near a creepy spider-like playset in a kids' park in Stratford.

You Can't Miss It (Connecticut)
Eisenhower Park in Milford. This is the first puzzle I've seen that can be solved with Vim. :)


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