Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Irish Potato -- 2971 down, 29 to go

Getting close to 3000 cache finds!

This evening's excursion was to the top of Irish Mountain in Harriman State Park to see the Irish Potato and to log the Mac-28 Irish Mountain geocache. The Irish Potato is a huge erratic on the mountain that's known well enough to be named. Anyway, the hike wasn't very steep or long. Just about 25 minutes in and 20 minutes out.

I also found out why my car made that funny sound on Saturday night. I drove past that spot on the Parkway ramp again this evening and saw the flattened traffic cone. Okay, so it wasn't parts falling out of my car. Thank goodness. Of course, that traffic cone must have already been flat that night or I'd have seen it but who knows?

After some back and forth email with the author of the Noia/Cute theme for Mozilla Thunderbird, I discovered that it's the Mnenhy 0.6 extension that's somehow causing the junk mail status icons to not be displayed. When I disabled that extension, the icons showed up. Okay, good to know that. However, Mnenhy is quite a useful extension so I think I'll keep it and continue using my hacked version of Noia/Cute. That will do for now.

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