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E-ZPass Rounds 2, 3 and 4

I found out that the dash in E-ZPass is between the E and the Z. If you place the dash anywhere else in the URL, you get the website of a domain squatter. Hrmmm.

Round 2: Called this morning. Was told to call back in the afternoon as their computer system was down.

Round 3: Called in the afternoon. The customer service rep told me I needed the PIN. Huh?? I thought that was only for the automated phone system so naturally, I didn't have it.

Round 4: Went home, looked around for the PIN and found it. Called again. They will send a new tag. Whew.

And this evening, I'll be going through that toll booth again. Hope all those incidences count as just one violation. :/ I would use the cash lane but that has E-ZPass too. If I stop and pay cash there, they might still bill me through the mail anyway so I'll end up paying twice. The Throgs Neck Bridge has cash-only lanes so I can use those and be sure that I won't be paying twice. But it seems that everywhere else, all the lanes have been converted to E-ZPass only or E-ZPass and cash/tokens/etc. To make matters worse, most of the toll machines don't even tell you that your E-ZPass tag isn't working. Such great design.

Some good news. In all that E-ZPass madness, I figured out what was wrong with dhcpcd and Optimum Online service so now I can use the cable modem from my laptop and also from the semi-working Linux boot on my PC. Yay!

Also made some progress in figuring out why AvantGo and the geocaching site weren't happy together. It seems that the geocaching site does web browser detection (Ooh! Naughty, naughty!) and returns the hide/seek page instead of the geocache info page if the User-Agent line in the HTTP headers isn't something that it recognizes. I think I can cook something up to work around that.


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