Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Shopping for Cache

I'm planning to place a geocache on Saturday. Have the general area picked out already. The last geocache I hid was three years ago so I hope I still remember how to do that. Might screw up and end up leaving it lying out somewhere. :)

Anyway, the fun part... shopping. In the afternoon, I went to the army surplus store in Pearl River to buy an ammo can. There are two stores but only one was open today so that's where I shopped. All of their ammo cans were a little rusty but one of them has a very nice, clean interior (looks hardly used at all) so I got that one. Also got sandpaper and a can of flecked paint at a hardware store in Montvale. Flecked paint is cool. Call it a Medusa complex if you will, but I don't know how I've been living all these years without making objects look like stone.

In the evening, I went to Campmor in Paramus to spend the gift certificate. Saw lots of useful stuff that geocachers might like so I got a selection of items: survival tool, waterproof match container, mutlifunction keychain device, trowel. I'm not, however, going to explain what the trowel is used for in the woods. :) I also found StingEze at the store. Boy, I wish I'd known about that before I got stung by bees. Then it'd have helped! Anyway, all of that is going into the geocache and, if there's still room, a few more items from around the home.

Okay, now I need to sandpaper and paint the ammo box.

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