Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Reservoir Walks

Usually, I vacation in Virginia Beach mid-September, at around the time of my birthday. Have been doing that for the past 3 years or so. Last year, after that little hurricane called Isabel, I decided that if I'm going back to Virginia Beach, I'll go later in the year after hurricane season if at all. I guess I'm a hurricane wimp.

Well, guess what I just found out. There's a Where's George meet in Virginia Beach exactly on my birthday! Ack! To go or not to go. What a dilemma.

I thought I was going to stop at 3000 geocache finds, but I just had to go out this evening and get one more and ruin that nice round number! Argh! Anyway, this evening's excursion is to the Oradell Watershed Recreation Area in Haworth to get the Intergalactic Currency Exchange geocache. This location is next to the Oradell Reservoir so no pictures or I might be taken away on suspicion of terrorism. :)

The walk was an easy half mile there and half mile back on a flat walking path that used to be the road by the reservoir. The geocache turned out to be not particularly tricky, even if it is on the small side. It's just that GPS readings were inaccurate under tree cover so I had to search around for a while.
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