Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Take The Long Way Home

Today is the first day of Numeric's soft reopening of the n/i Small Cap Value Fund so I called Numeric to exchange a bit of my shares in the n/i Mid Cap Fund over to Small Cap Value. So the shareholder rep takes my order, goes off to check on something for a few minutes and comes back to the phone to tell me that I don't have exchange privileges. What?? Couldn't they have told me that a few weeks back when I called to confirm that I could do the exchange transaction? Argh!

Okay, so then I had to send them a letter of instruction to add the exchange privilege to the account. This needed a medallion signature guarantee. Well, no problem. All I needed to do was print out the letter and stop at ye olde neighborhood bank on my way home. Someone at one of the desks in the bank took care of that quickly. Good. On my way from the bank to home, I saw an animal cross the road. I thought it was a cat at first but I took another look and it was... a fox! I stopped the car for a second or two to see where it was going. It trotted across the lawn and into the wooded area behind the first apartment complex on my street. Neat. If it has a den there or if this is its usual route, I might see it a few more times before winter.

I can't stop caching! So this evening, I went to George Washington Worked and Slept Here in Wayne. It's at the Dey Mansion historic site. (historical marker) Nice location.

After that, I went to East Hanover to check out the Chinese supermarket. They have moon cakes now, since it's around the time of the Moon Cake Festival. Way too expensive though. I'll wait for after the Moon Cake Festival when those go on sale.

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