Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Found 11 more caches, traveling from Queens to Riverhead.

A bunch of nice things happened:
  1. The gardener at the Science Museum in Plandome gave me some tomatoes.

  2. A nice lady, who was doing some wind speed measurements at the lookout platform, helped take my picture in front of the lighthouse. And I hadn't even thought of asking yet at the time.

  3. An elderly lady at Wildwood Lake stopped by to chat. Among other things, she told me of a few attractions around Riverhead and also the story of how they used helicopters to scoop up water from the lake using bathtubs to put out the fires in the pines. She also helped bring the swans closer to the edge of the lake for photography.

  4. At Long John Silver's in Patchogue, I was short one piece of fish in my order and when I informed Bobby about it, he gave me two pieces of fish to make up for it.
That certainly more than makes up for the visit before this one where I got flack from the neighbors for apparently just being there. I don't know... sometimes there's a good vibe over the island and sometimes there's not.

Squealy's Little Bits @ Virginia Point (New York)
Virginia Point Park, Little Neck, Queens.

Squealy's Little Bits @ Leeds Pond Preserve (New York)
Leeds Pond Preserve and Science Museum, Manhasset. I think the map actually says it's in Plandome. Great part about this is after I was done with the cache, the gardener gave me some tomatoes.

JAK-004 Walkin With The Boss (New York)
Melville. Cache owner works across from the cache spot and wants to watch. Hehe.

Gwynne Around The Bend (New York)
West Hills County Park in Melville.

Visions of Jayne (New York)
West Hills County Park in Melville.

JMB-66: Lighthouse Overlook (New York)
Robert Moses State Park in Bay Shore. Nice lady at the lookout platform was taking wind speeds measurements. (It sure was windy today.) She helped take my picture in front of the lighthouse.

The WB-11 Cache (New York)
Blydenburgh Park in Smithtown. This cache was placed for the special WB-11 news segment on geocaching. (You can download it at the Long Island Geocaching website.) Coordinates are given at the end of the segment and I've only recently gotten around to downloading and watching it.

Blue Light Special (NIGHT) (New York)
Strip mall in Lake Grove. Obviously a K-Mart location but the store is closed.

Mac-29 Hampton Hills (New York)
Pine barrens area in Riverhead.

WRR-18 S. C. Parklands Cache (New York)
Another pine barrens area in Riverhead.

WRR-19 Wildwood Lake (New York)
Wildwood Lake in Riverhead. An elderly lady came by to chat and she also helped bring the swans closer for photography.


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