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Numbers schnumbers

Went out this evening to Rifle Camp Park in West Paterson to visit the Milestone Cache. From the observatory and nature center parking area, it was an easy walk to a location with a view looking towards Clifton. And the cache was also very easy and obvious.

However, I won't be logging it at the cache page. Why? Because the cache owner has placed some stipulations on logging the cache which IMHO are unnecessary and have nothing to do with actually finding the cache. Specifically, he states that the cache must be logged at a find count milestone or on certain anniversaries. Since on principle I cannot condone caches having restrictions irrelevant to the game, and since the numbers shouldn't matter and emphasizing find counts in this way is silly, and since I'm not finding the cache at a milestone or anniversary, I won't be logging it online.

Of course, there is no reason why I couldn't find it anyway and sign the physical logbook so that's what I did and I'll post the pictures here instead:

Log book Cache
Log book


Scenic View Obey the sign!
Scenic View

Obey the sign!

Observatory Dome Observatory
Observatory Dome


Squirrel Track


Anyway, I got back to the parking area and chatted with someone there. (There I go again, talking to strangers. :) ) He's a bowhunter, and he told me that he got a GPS some time back but he hadn't been using it because he forgot how. He'd like to waypoint his deer so he could go back to his truck and bring a cart to carry it out. So I gave him a quick demonstration on setting a waypoint and following the GPS from one side of the parking area to the other. In return, he gave me some pointers on following a blood trail. (Not that I'll be using that any time but a little knowledge can't hurt.) Then we talked about some other issues such as private property and access routes, that affect both hunting and hiking.

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