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The cache owner and I have reached an understanding and the milestone logging requirement on the Milestone Cache is now optional. Accordingly, I have changed my DNF (Did Not Find) to an F. (Found)

I did actually revisit the Milestone Cache today to get a travel bug. After that, I went to get something at CompUSA in Paramus. I brought along the Wi-Fi Finder and yes, there was indeed an open wireless network at CompUSA. Not surprising though as one would expect that they'd have a demo wireless network somewhere in the store. However, the Wi-Fi Finder also detected an open wireless network at a Sunoco gas station. Of course, it could also be from the office building across the road but this is the first result that wasn't something that I'd have guessed.

There's a PetSmart store next to the CompUSA. Purely on a whim, I went over to take a look and yes, they do have lighted dog collars. Long LED strip in either red or yellow/green. I think there was some discussion about this a while ago on my friends page. Well, now you know one more place where those can be found.
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