Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Another nice day from start to end, and the day's itinerary went from Queens to Hampton Bays along a meandering route.

I stopped at a McDonald's in Amityville to use the bathroom. So I figured I ought to buy something. At the front counter, I overheard the supervisor coaching the cashier that if she says "Thank you. Come again soon", that would mean an extra 5 points if the customer happened to be the mystery shopper. Wow, sounds like a good deal getting free lunches as a mystery shopper. Of course, this being McDonald's, mystery shopping may be fattening. :)

Traffic was a mess getting home. There was the usual Southern State Parkway delay. Then there was an accident on the Cross Island Parkway. And then there was construction on Route 4 in Paramus. I knew the backroads for that last part so it was a cinch to get around. And, as a bonus, I picked the backroads leading to the cheap gas station on Midland Ave so that made the best of a less-than-ideal situation.

Yancx's 10th cache - Sponge Bob, Cars, & WG$ (New York)
Yellowstone Park (oddly enough) in Forest Hills. Easy pickup but wouldn't one get confused by different roads with the same number but labeled Avenue, Road and Drive?

JAK-001 Jamie's walk (New York)
A memorial in Copiague. This cache is difficult to find because the coordinates are a bit off and it's basically a film canister tossed into some bushes.

JAK-003 Kerrie's Game Of Chance (New York)
Tanner Park in Copiague. I suppose one should walk between the stages of this multicache but I drove to every stage and parked near the final stage too. So it didn't take too long.

DP-04 Fun in the Sun (New York)
Shorefront Park in Patchogue. Nice pier area. The annoying part is two kids were pulling out clumps of grass and putting those on the bench while the parents watched and said nothing. Umm... are they teaching their kids that destroying a public park is okay?

A Strong Man (New York)
Hercules in Stony Brook. This large sculpture was the figurehead of the U.S.S. Ohio.

The Sand Lot (New York)
Local park in Port Jefferson Station.

WRR-20 Back The Way You Came! (New York)
Indian Island County Park in Riverhead.

M&M-22 Cindy's Bread Box (New York)
Sears Bellows Park in Hampton Bays. Unfortunately, the final stage of the cache, which really is a bread box, was in a state of disarray with all the cache items spread out on the ground. I think a bread-loving critter got to it.

Mac-30 Paumanok Hike 6 (New York)
Hubbard County Park in Hampton Bays. A short walk on the white-blazed Paumanok Path.


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