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One Ru is enough

Last night's LJ entry was interrupted by sleep. I kid you not. Fell asleep for 9 hours from 11pm to 8am. Gee, that's almost like a normal person! :)

Went for the Anthony Wayne Bike Trail....Cloned geocache in the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area (the only part of the park with official bike trails) in Harriman State Park, NY. It's a replacement for the Anthony Wayne Bike Trail geocache that went missing. It's in the same location but nevertheless it's nice to revisit. If his log is correct, I missed running into Walkin' Ed by mere minutes!

Wiley The Colorado Coyote travel bug

Wiley The Colorado Coyote is a travel bug I picked up at the Hammonasset Beach Event over the weekend. He's cute but unfortunately, I can't keep him as he's a travel bug. Unlike other geocache trade items, travel bugs are tagged items that have to be moved from cache to cache.

There are 2897 photos at GeoSnapper. 1457 of those photos are mine. So I'm now over 50% of the website! The problem is most of the time, it doesn't seem that anyone else is uploading pictures.

I was at CompUSA partaking in the semi-regular rebate extravaganza when one of the staff asked me if I work for George W. Bush. Since that was from way out of left field, I asked why he asked and he said that he was wondering how I got all those dollar bills. Umm... I don't know where he lives but around my place, there are banks! Anyway, there are so many misconceptions there that I can only hope that he was totally kidding. For one thing, the President does not print money. The Federal Reserve controls the money supply but it is the BEP, a division of the US Treasury, that actually does the printing. And even then, it's not like their employees get bags of fresh money to take home. Yeesh!

Also stopped at the Toys R Us in Paramus on the way home. There was an insert in the Sunday paper about their green tag clearance sale so I wanted to see if there was anything good. Guess what? Half the store was green tagged! That's not what a healthy business looks like.

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