Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Jersey Shore

Seeing as how I was nearly out of Wawa iced tea, I chose to go down the Jersey Shore today. And in fact, my first stop was at the Wawa store off Parkway Exit 91. I always end up going to that Wawa store anyway because that interchange is so counterintuitive that I keep taking the wrong ramp. So that particular store is convenient both as a place to stock up on iced tea and stuffed pretzels, and as a way to make a U-turn. (The hot breakfast isn't bad either, when they have it.)

As for the interchange, I may get kicked out of New Jersey for saying this but it never made sense to me to have to go on the right-side ramp in order to turn left. At least with a jughandle, you can see how it goes around but when they do that with interchange ramps, it's ridiculous.

I noticed that the Parkway has reconfigured the toll booths so that going Southbound, it is 70 cents at Raritan and free at Asbury Park. It's the other way around going Northbound: 70 cents at Asbury Park and free at Raritan. They are doing this to ease tollbooth congestion but for now, some people are confused and stop at the free tollbooths wondering what to do.

off to work I go (New Jersey)
Park and Ride in Brick. There's a bit of a pine-forested area next to the parking lot.

bringyourbike (New Jersey)
Bike path in Brick.

HOLE IN ONE (New Jersey)
Beaver Dam Creek County Park in Point Pleasant Beach.

On Broadway! (New Jersey)
Point Pleasant Beach.

PLAY GAMES (New Jersey)
Freedom Fields Park in Tuckerton. The cache seems to be just outside the park though.

Seekin' in Absecon (New Jersey)
Absecon Heritage Park in Absecon. Nice walk about 1/3 of the way around a lake.

Micro Bologna (New Jersey)
Weird abandoned park, which still gets lots of visitors, in Absecon.

Just for the HECK of it (New Jersey)
Apparently a popular crabbing spot although I only saw tiny fiddler crabs. :)

Rickety Bridge (New Jersey)
J. Edward Klingener fishing pier in Somers Point. Apparently, this was part of the old bridge before they built the new bridge for Route 152.


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