Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Standing Water

From the geocaching forums: Pictures from the Trenton-area flood
It seems that depending on where you are, there could be up to two feet of standing water. Of course, I saw nothing of this, thankfully, as I was on the other side of New Jersey on Sunday.

On my neverending quest to give away Gmail invites and get rid of the annoying blue bar, I came across gmail_invite. The best way to give out the invites seems to be to just generate all the invite emails and post the invitation links. (Method #3 in the community info.) That way, it is strictly first come first served, and no one can ask for a link and hoard it without using it.

The community also has a link to the Gmail invite spooler, which is a nifty idea and may be the least amount of work if you just want to dump invites.

Of course, there's also Gmail4Troops, which is for a good cause, but they currently have more invites than they can use.

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