Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

The garbage hasn't been picked up in over 2 weeks! I didn't hear about any strike in this town but nevertheless, this isn't a good thing.

Anyway, I went out to Long Island. Without using the air conditioner, I can drive all the way to Montauk Point and back to NJ without refueling, which is good as gas prices in Long Island are 20-30 cents per gallon higher than Northern NJ.

The seaside scenery is pretty nice. At Montauk Point, you can stand on top of the bluff and watch the waves roll in, trying to but not quite knocking the fishermen off the rocks. However, I don't understand why the Hamptons are so crowded, even a few weeks after Labor Day. I've been there a number of times and don't see how it is that much better than any of the other LI beach areas. They have beaches. They have fancy-schmancy stores. They have quaint windmills. Maybe it's the quaint windmills. :)

Mac-31 Pigpen (New York)
Massapequa Park Preserve in Massapequa. This puzzle cache requires decoding a short message to get the coordinates.

NJ's Picks (New York)
Whitman Hollow Park in Commack.

TeeRex (New York)
Waterway Access Site in East Moriches.

JMB-68 Bellow Pond (New York)
Sears Bellows County Park in Hampton Bays. I couldn't get this cache on my previous trip because the park closes at 4pm and I was too late. Went here a lot earlier this time and got it.

Mac-25 Paumanok Hike 5 (New York)
Laurel Valley County Park in Noyac.

Alewife Pond - H24 (New York)
Cedar Point County Park in East Hampton.

Montauk Mountain! (New York)
Nature Conservancy area in Montauk.

JMB-31 Atop Turtle Hill: Montauk Point Lighthouse (New York)
Montauk Point State Park in Montauk. There is a fascinating plaque about the lighthouse and erosion. It seems that the lighthouse was built about 300 feet from the shore back in the day but erosion has since then brought the shore very close to the lighthouse.


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