Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Nanu Nanuet

I got an email from Amazon that Photoshop Elements 3.0 is available for pre-ordering. Well, I didn't buy Photoshop Elements 2.0 from Amazon, nor any books on Photoshop Elements, so how come they thought that I'd like to know about the new release? They know too much! Anyway, I took a look at the new features over at the Adobe website. (I'd like to try that Spot Healing Brush!) Also took a look at the upgrade price. I wonder why anyone would upgrade, unless it's on a corporate/business account. (in which case they'd be using Photoshop anyway, not Elements) You see, the upgrade price is $79.99 but with the special offers and rebates, the full license will easily be under $50, just as Elements 2.0 was. So if you're upgrading, you might as well get a full license for Elements 3.0 and move Elements 2.0 to another computer, give it away or something.

I took the Craftsman lantern to Sears in Nanuet to ask about the warranty and repairs. As I expected, the salespeople (several of them who congregated in the hardware section) said that there isn't a lifetime warranty on the lantern so I'd have to buy a new one. Actually, what they said is there is no longer a lifetime warranty on the Craftsman lantern, which would suggest that there used to be a lifetime warranty on that item? Oh well. I think what's really going to happen is they'll lose a revenue stream on parts for the lantern. If they replaced or repaired it, I'd have continued buying replacement bulbs and batteries as those wore out. Now, the customer relationship is over and I'm motivated to check out other makes of million-candlepower flashlights, many of which are actually cheaper and more portable. Then again, I guess they make more sales in the "Softer Side of Sears" these days. :)

Since I was already at the Nanuet Mall, I went over to see the bubble tea place, as I remembered it. It's actually Manna Sushi, a small restaurant serving sushi and the usual Japanese fare. (I should have lunch or dinner there one day.) Given that I've only had bubble tea in Northern NJ and Nanuet, I have no standards by which to judge their bubble tea. I suspect a trip to Southern California would shatter all illusions. :) Anyway, I noticed that there is a new eatery by the name of Kum'n'Nosh next to it. That's... ummm... catchy.
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