Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Change is inevitable, except from a self-checkout machine

So I was at the supermarket this evening buying a week's worth of groceries. Used one of the self-checkout machines as usual. Then I noticed that the change I got from the machine was a few dollars short. I told the attendant about it. She came over to take a look. Then I suggested that some of the bills might still be stuck up in the bill dispenser. So she stuck her hand up into the bill dispenser (boy, they must have one heck of a health plan at the A&P!) and started pulling out bill after bill after bill. And those weren't all singles either. There was a loose five in there too! So I got the correct change and the supermarket kept the rest of the bills. What I'm wondering now is how many people were shortchanged today and didn't even know? Check your change, people. Just because it's a machine, doesn't mean it works perfectly all the time.

I came across in a rather oblique way because one of the Mozilla Firefox extensions has a toolbar for it. It's a bookmarks manager website with the additional feature that all bookmarks are shared so you can see what everyone else has bookmarked and also who else has bookmarked the same websites as you have. The main page, with its neverending parade of useful and sometimes bizarre links, is also rather interesting and great for finding blog fodder.

I'll be going to the In Honor of Floopy's 3000th Find Cache in Oak Ridge this coming evening. I guess it would be silly if I didn't go considering that it's for me. :)
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