Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Soiree at Sneaky Pete's

Went to the In Honor of Floopy's 3000th Find Cache this evening at Sneaky Pete's bar/restaurant in Oak Ridge. It was great seeing all the local geocachers once again. I received a cool award. And there were also "3000" and "3105" cakes, which were scrumptious.

Other matters:

I found out what's happening with the garbage pickup. Apparently, there was a scheduled garbage pickup this week but there's a large tree branch wedged in the dumpster and some of the garbage bags have snagged the branch. So not all the garbage leaves the dumpster when the dump truck tips it over. What a mess.

The Daily Reckoning sent out an email advertising their new "Rude Awakening" newsletter. However, I still don't see a form or anything to subscribe to the new newsletter. What a mess.

I can't think of a third item to go "What a mess" to. What a mess.
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