Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Need some wood?

Went to the Kitty Katz Kache today at the Mills Reservation in Cedar Grove. It was a fine day, maybe a bit on the warm side, but the temperature was perfect once I got into the woods. I noticed that the geocache was actually under 200 feet from the road. However, it was also under 2000 feet from the designated parking area so either way, it wasn't that long of a walk.

I was heading out in the morning when the apartment complex maintenance guys called out to me and told me that they'd seen me on the WB-11 news segment on geocaching. That makes... what? 20 or 30 people now? :)

There's still no signup form for Rude Awakening at the Daily Reckoning website but all DR subscribers have apparently been autosubscribed to RA so that's okay. I don't know why it needs to be a separate newsletter though. It could easily be written into DR as the subject matter isn't so different.

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