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Rockland/Orange geocaching

Having already met my goal, I wasn't in a hurry today so I decided to tackle some of the geocaches that require hill-climbing or longer walks. I must say that doing one or two of those is not bad but more than that will leave you a bit sore. Oi!

Found 8 caches today. 2 were in Hook Mountain. 5 were in Harriman State Park. The last one was a quickie in a local park in Goshen. Nice haul today. Found 4 travel bugs. Also found a book that had been registered with Bookcrossing. I'll be moving all of those to caches in other states, or at least as far as possible within my regular caching zone. Also took the opportunity to leave a bunch of free-after-rebate stuff from CompUSA that I wasn't using.

Tomorrow? Connecticut, most likely.

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