Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Stubborn Forehead Wrinkles

$2 gas is back in town. One of the gas stations near my place is already at $2.059/gallon. I have no doubt that the rest will follow soon. Across the state border in Rockland County, I saw a Mobil station at $2.319 this evening. So now that it costs more to fill the tank, do you think families who are already at the edge of their budgets will have to cut discretionary spending? Like say... Krispy Kreme and Blockbuster? (Okay, okay, it appears those two companies are facing some other significant problems.)

Went to the Palisades Center Mall this evening to get the Wolf's Rain Vol 3 DVD. Since I was there already, I got dinner at Panda Express. They're currently running a customer satisfaction survey so at the back of the receipt, there is a number you can call to answer the survey and get a validation code for $3 off your next purchase. Anyway, I did that and got the code. The survey referred to the "restaurant" in a number of questions. All the Panda Express locations I know of are at mall food courts so I'm wondering if they actually have standalone restaurants or if they are just using the term "restaurant" in a general sense.

After taking a shower, I didn't realize how slippery the bottom of my feet were so I slipped and fell on the floor. Landed on the same knee as I did when I fell on that rock a few weeks ago. Ugh! Goes to show that it's just as dangerous indoors as it is outdoors.

My email isn't working. (Well, except for Gmail, which is fine.) Here come more forehead wrinkles. :)
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