Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Melancholy Melon Collie

Oliver's Army
Went for that cache today, in spite of the rain. It's at the Terhune Memorial Park in Wayne. Sunnybank, as it was known a long time ago, was the home of a number of remarkable collies. (see Terhune Memorial Park link)

Went to the Palisades Center Mall this evening to use the Panda Express coupon I got for answering the survey. Went to CompUSA to see if they had Photoshop Elements 3. They didn't. Also shopped at Target. In my circuitous meandering, I noticed that Braseiros (all-you-can-eat barbecue place) was closed. In addition, Don Pablos has been replaced by a Halloween store. So could this be part of the fallout from higher gas prices leading to less discretionary income? It's a pity. I kinda liked Don Pablos, although I haven't eaten there in years. (Maybe I'm part of the problem too. :) )
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