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Okay, so now I'm a grouch

Set up the Microtek scanner last night and installed most of the bundled software. So far, it's working well. Scanning speed is slower than the HP Scanjet (before that one broke) but better slow than not working. Still, it is a little faster than the old UMAX scanner. The ScanWizard software is annoying. Personally, I prefer to set the image type and DPI manually. The software guesses the settings for each scan and it rarely guesses the way I want to scan. Maybe there's a way to turn that feature off.

Also checked my log list on Dan Miller's Geocaching Stats website and submitted the necessary corrections. For quite a while, my find count there was lagging the correct number by about 30. It should be fine now. I'll have to remember to check this site often so that I don't have to review as many logs the next time the stats are out of whack.

A co-worker from another group came by to ask a question this morning while I was busy and I just snapped. He had a history of stopping by at his convenience for every little question he had and not checking internal newsgroups or internal documentation, or asking his neighbors to see if those were common questions. A certain number of in-person questions are okay but there is a fine line between getting answers faster and wasting my time and patience. To be fair though, I think I have a serious personality flaw where I don't tell anyone who's being annoying until I get to the breaking point. Wonder if there's a "What kind of volcano are you?" quiz for LJ. :)

My other problem is I may not be cut out for this kind of working life at all. I just get really annoyed (and unproductive, and in the mood for complaining on LJ) in an environment of constant interruption. Maybe we should all telecommute. Why is there a need for anyone to see anyone else when everything around here is just bit-pushing? Are managers so insecure that they think anyone they can't see is not working? Is everyone so dependent on face-to-face communication that issues having to do with the software can't all be discussed on the internal newsgroups? What about open source projects then? There are lots of those where the people who contribute to the code have never met each other.

That also explains why I haven't re-installed ICQ on the new PC yet.


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