Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright Day 1

Went out in the morning to the Spring Park geocache in Spring Park, Windsor Locks, just a short drive from the hotel. It was an easy walk in the chilly morning air. Easy, until I set one foot off the trail and *splort* my left shoe was in the mud. Ugh. The cache was an easy find even though it was 80 feet from where my GPS pointed. I did pack the bear paw slippers so for the rest of the day, if I didn't need to go outside, I just wore those around the hotel and convention space instead of my messed-up shoes. The slippers are more comfortable anyway.

One lady asked me (seeing as how I was carrying the black wolf tail) what was going on. I explained, in a somewhat less than eloquent manner, that it was a convention and it was about funny animals. Somehow that seemed to be enough of an explanation.

Went to the very short opening ceremony. Then I hung around the Mezzanine Floor for a while, talking to friends and taking pictures. Then I changed into the coyote suit and took part in the Fursuit Massacre (fursuit games) that was run by punktiger. There were a scooter race, an egg and spoon race, dodge ball and musical chairs. I thought it would be hard but it really wasn't that bad playing the games in costume. Good thing the Headless Hollow (fursuit lounge) was next to the event area so anyone could pop over for a breather, if necessary.

Went to the Masquerade after dinner. There weren't many acts so it was about half an hour.

Some time after that, I wore the coyote suit again and went to the Shake-A-Tail Dance and a bit of the Biohazard Rave. I'm not sure anyone over the age of 30 can be fit enough for the rave. :)

Met today, in no particular order: freakylynx, firefoxkac, grizz593, cnipur, skorzy, was1, beerhorse, Wally Wabbit, Lobowolf, Alex Rakune, bearknight, twitchwolf, runtt, wulven, quentincoyote, titanwolf, jbadger, punktiger, rcoony, tigerman, furbo, mejeep, balloonfox.

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