Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright Day 2

Started the morning with two quick geocaches, OFF YOUR ROCKER in East Windsor and Henry Denslow's House. Both were within a few miles of the hotel. And neither took more than a couple of minutes. I think I was lucky on "Off Your Rocker" though because I heard that the location is full of people at times. No one was around when I went in the morning because it was cold outside.

Went back to the hotel and the convention. Today was panel day so I went to the "My Life As A Furry" and "Art of Fursuiting" discussions. More conversations with friends. Also changed into the coyote suit for a bit to have a picture taken by the professional photographer who had set up in the hallway area. After a late lunch, I went to the closing ceremony. Lots of kudos to the con staff for a well-run con. Attendance was over 250 and because of the encouraging turnout, next year they are going to get all the space in the hotel so that there can be more events and we won't have to share the hotel with other groups.

After that came the Dead Dog party. It started off slowly. Then there was pizza and a birthday cake. (for Winged Siamese's birthday) And finally there were some group participation dances like the hokey pokey (Egads!) and something else I don't know the name for. Of course once the scene livened up, the room closing time came all too quickly.

The Art of Fursuiting panel Closeup of furbo's bat costume.
The "Art of Fursuiting" panel

Closeup of furbo's bat costume.

Closeup of Alex Rakune. Luchy
Closeup of Alex Rakune.


Winged Siamese cutting the birthday cake

Winged Siamese cutting the birthday cake

Mario with knife
Mario with knife


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