Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Returning from Windsor Locks

Got up this morning. Loaded all the stuff into the car. Saw Alex Rakune in the parking garage as he had parked next to my car (I guess that's pretty likely considering that those were the two closest spaces to the elevator.) so we exchanged goodbyes.

Originally, I only intended to grab a few geocaches on the way out to the Interstate but that ended up being 8 caches and when I was done, I was actually further from home than when I started! Nevertheless, the scenery was great at nearly every location because of the fall foliage and there really wasn't a need to hurry home.

Destination Windsor Town Green (Connecticut)

Key to My ???? (Connecticut)
Pedestrian walkway on the I-291 bridge over the Connecticut River.

A Historic Road (Connecticut)
South Windsor.

Kidz Cache (Connecticut)
Nevers Road Park in South Windsor.

Numismatist’s Nook (Connecticut)
Desmond's Pond Park in South Windsor. The waterfowl are really bold in this area. You can walk right up to the swan and it won't budge! It will try to wing-smack you away though. :)

Broad Brook Pond [dam tour #4] (Connecticut)
Broad Brook.

fun n' games (Connecticut)
Scantic Rapids Recreation Area in Hazardville.

Scitico dam (Connecticut)

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