Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Predictable Overnight Relief

Went out for the Johnny 99 geocache today. It's a very quick and easy cache at Riverside Park, a pocket park in Mahwah. The cache description says "lunchtime cache" and so that's when I did it because who am I to argue? :) And after I was done with it, there still was plenty of time for lunch so I went to the McDonald's about half a mile away on Route 17.

McDonald's is running that Monopoly game again. I think it's a sneaky way to get everyone to supersize because the large fries has another two game pieces. Anyway, they have this new thing now where you can also enter codes from the game pieces at to get additional prizes. So far, I got 2 Sony Connect music downloads, a computer game, a 1-month subscription to Disney Blast and 25 Snapfish prints. All of those are basically promo giveaways and advertising for McDonald's partners but I did at least print out a Lion King calendar page. :)

Is anyone going to Philcon? I know I said I wasn't going but I've reconsidered, not so much because of the con itself but because I like the location and I'll probably be on leave for much of December.
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