Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

North Jersey

Started fairly close in Franklin Lakes to hit a triplet of caches on the mountain. Then it turned into a trip out to Sussex and Warren Counties in Western NJ. Went to the other Chinese supermarket in East Hanover (they didn't have Ramune) and also had dinner at the same strip mall. Then I picked up another cache on my way home at night since it was at a rest stop. ("on my way home" here seems to mean going 9 miles out of the way down the Parkway :) )

Seems like everyone else was busy with Halloween as I had almost no competition for First To Find. I was the first visitor at 4 caches: 3 at High Mountain and 1 at the rest stop. I did run into another geocacher at High Mountain. That happened on my way out though, so he was a few minutes too late to be first.

Also saw a fox at High Mountain. Funny thing is this is the first time I've seen a fox in the woods. Until today, the ones I've seen are of the suburban variety who trot around in backyards and on sidewalks. It was a bit out of the range of my camera so I just followed it through the woods and it led me to an unmarked trail, which is nice because I was trying to find that dashed line on the topo map.

Happy Valley (New Jersey)
High Mountain Wilderness Preserve in Franklin Lakes.

Beech mountain (New Jersey)
High Mountain Wilderness Preserve in Franklin Lakes.

Cecchino Mountain (New Jersey)
High Mountain Wilderness Preserve in Franklin Lakes. Saw a fox in the woods while I was bushwhacking along the side of the mountain. I followed it for a short distance and it brought me to a trail. Animals seem to know their way around.

Miami 2017 (New Jersey)
Riverside Park in Wayne.

XxMagnetic Micro CachexX (New Jersey)
Veterans Field in Hopatcong.

XxSome Thing FishyxX (New Jersey)
Charles O. Hayford State Fish Hatchery in Hackettstown. I came in from a different park so I still don't know where the hatchery is.

XxThe Red PlugxX (New Jersey)
Unnamed park that is under construction in Hackettstown.

Between a Rock and ........... (New Jersey)
Town park in Columbia.

Brookdale Service Area GSP South (New Jersey)
Rest stop in Bloomfield.


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