Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Spaghetti Western

My plan for today was to get a bunch of geocaches before heading over to the Spaghetti Western event in Oak Ridge. I intended to make the event itself my 3200th cache but I got to #3199 and there was still enough time for a few more!

A majority of the caches I did today were clusters of caches in the Mahlon-Dickerson Reservation and the Edison-Sparta WMA. It was a rough hike as I didn't use the trail half the time and just bushwhacked from one cache to another. I also waded across a stream twice, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be although I wished the water wasn't as cold. Met 3 geocachers, Scubaduba, Treequest and Marlin01 on the trails.

Stopped at 2 Walmart stores along the way to check for paw slippers. The store in Boonton didn't have any. The store in Franklin, which is apparently so new that it isn't listed in the store locator at, had one pair in size L so I bought that. (They still have a few in size M.) Total haul so far is 6 pairs so I may donate a pair or two to a charity auction at an upcoming convention. The only Walmart within reasonable driving distance that I haven't checked yet is the one in Secaucus. I don't think it's worth checking that one unless I have something else to do in the area.

Autumn at Saffin Marsh (New Jersey)
Mahlon-Dickerson Reservation in Oak Ridge.

Pizza Delivery! (New Jersey)
Mahlon-Dickerson Reservation in Oak Ridge.

Where's the Line?! (New Jersey)
Mahlon-Dickerson Reservation in Oak Ridge.

Between Sun and Moon (New Jersey)
Mahlon-Dickerson Reservation in Oak Ridge. Ran into Scubaduba on my way out from this cache.

TRL Highlands Hike Lost Trailhead (New Jersey)
Edison-Sparta WMA in Oak Ridge.

TRL Highlands Trail On The Rocks (New Jersey)
Edison-Sparta WMA in Oak Ridge. Saw Treequest at the cache site.

Po-Pa-Zee's 2nd Cache (New Jersey)
Edison-Sparta WMA in Oak Ridge.

TRL Bridge Out 3 (New Jersey)
Edison-Sparta WMA in Oak Ridge.

Stockholm's The Hole in One Cache (New Jersey)
Green acres area in Stockholm. Met Marlin01 at the parking area so we did this cache together.

The Roar (New Jersey)
Hamburg WMA in Stockholm.

Beaver Hill (New Jersey)
Beaver Hill Campground in Augusta.


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