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Too much of a good thing is better

ECCp-109 has been solved! Funny how this came so quickly on the heels of the conclusion of RC5-64. When it rains, it pours. Okay, time to move on to other distributed computing projects until the next ECC and RC5 challenges begin.

Went out at lunchtime and found this geocache. Very easy and perfect for the limited amount of time I had. Also picked up this travel bug from the cache and it happens to be the 50th travel bug I've found. Joy!

Went to the Palisades Center Mall Monday evening. Had to go slip some Where's George bills into the invoice payment machine at the Sprint PCS store. Since I was there, I went for a walk around. It turned out that the space vacated by the Rainforest Cafe will soon be occupied by The Cheesecake Factory. That ought to be good to try one evening as I've personally never been to one of those. For now, they've cleared away the jungle decor from the common area. It's surprising how much that space looks like an ordinary corridor without the alligator, the monkeys and the vines and trees. :)

Also stopped by the Disney Store and got these...

Stitch and Demon

Well, Stitch, you know. I thought Demon of Snow Dogs was pretty cute so I got him too.

One thing I found while taking that picture is the free camera from Dell really sucks. I ended up having to use my old Sony Mavica. The resolution may be lower but the picture from the Mavica is much sharper. Too bad this Mavica's almost on its last leg. It now takes quite a bit of manipulating to get the drive door to release the disk.


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