Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Perfect for getting rid of those nasty fibrills

NaNoWriMo update: 36,120 words. Reasonable chance of finishing on time?

I noticed that Amazon has started selling a home defibrillator. While I don't think I'll be using such a device without training, there is evidently a market for a device like this over the counter. Two funny things:

Firstly, according to Amazon, customers who bought the defibrillator, also bought the Panasonic Nose and Ear Hair Groomer. And that's because once your heart is beating steadily again, it's important to keep your nose hair trimmed?

Secondly, some of the reviews are just plain wacky. One of them says that the defibrillator is "Heart Stopping Good!" Oh my! Another reviewer mentions ordering a George Foreman grill and getting the defibrillator instead, and that it is only good for cooking grilled cheese sandwiches. :)
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