Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Jersey (Eastern slice)

Cold, rainy day. Fortunately, most of the rain fell while I was driving, not walking. Tackled some urban caches in the West New York area. It's a very congested area with narrow streets and parking is tough, but I was lucky with the parking. After that, I went to Monmouth and Ocean Counties for a few more since there was still time.

There was only one traffic problem: Part of the Turnpike by the Newark Airport was closed because of a car fire. The smoke from that car was visible from half a mile away and there were 4 fire engines on scene.

Park and Hide (New Jersey)
Edgemont Memorial Park in Montclair.

Trick or Treat Cache (New Jersey)
Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus.

Guttenberg Eagle (New Jersey)
Urban cache in Guttenberg.

A Matter of Attitude (New Jersey)
Urban cache in Weehawken.

NatcoCache (New Jersey)
Natco Park in Hazlet.

Head for First Base (New Jersey)
Meadow Ridge Park in Rumson.

angryEMT's old stomping grounds (New Jersey)
Unknown wooded area in Howell.

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