Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Northwest NJ

Another cold, cloudy, foggy day with about an hour of sunshine. Visibility was down to about 300 feet or so because of fog at one point along I-80. Not good.

Two accidents: One on I-287, which held me up for a little while, and another on Route 15, which didn't.

It's one of those days when I can't find caches worth a damn. At the first site in Denville, I had a feeling that I was being watched. No problem with that one though when I revisited it in the evening on my way to dinner. Didn't find the cache at the second site. At the third site, I started looking and then called off the search to go for another cache in the same park. Then I went back to the difficult one and only found it then. I had already seen quite a number of caches like this one, but for some reason, the cache sense wasn't clicking right away.

Anyway, I could see where this was going so I decided to skip everything else on the list and go see the rail-trail in Blairstown. I figured if I was going to screw up the finding part, I might as well get the exercise. That was an easy 2-mile round trip on the flat rail-trail, and the location looked good in the fog.

I seem to have picked up 2 foreign coins: A German 1 mark coin, and a French 5 centimes coin. (Both worthless but collectible.) Those probably came from the rejected coins slot on the coin counting machine at the bank. It seems that some people don't check the slot after they dump their jars of change in. I, on the other hand, always check the slot but just pocket the coins without really looking.

Weldon's Up There Somewhere Cache (New Jersey)
Weldon Brook WMA in Sparta. As usual, I used the wrong approach and ended up climbing the steep side of the hill.

TRL Wicked 1 (New Jersey)
Weldon Brook WMA in Sparta.

The Snapple Cap Cache (New Jersey)
Paulinskill Valley Trail in Blairstown. Sometimes it's good to do a longer walk.

TRL Pain in the Cache 7 (New Jersey)
Gardner Field in Denville.


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