Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rampant Consumerism (RC)

Went out to the ever-gaudy overgrown mall, Palisades Center, in West Nyack this evening to look for a few items, but ended up buying only stamps and the lottery. I noticed that two of the restaurants on the top level had gone out of business, and another restaurant is coming in to take the place of some other restaurant concept that didn't work. Umm... is it possible that there are already too many restaurants in the mall? Besides the food court, there are a dozen sit-down restaurants already, none of which I go to because I don't think any of them are worth the money unless it's a special occasion. (And most of my special occasions are celebrated way, way outside of my area anyway.)

One of the restaurants that went away was the Brazilian BBQ. The unusual, bizarre and creepy thing about this restaurant was the large display window immediately above it filled with stuffed (as in taxidermy, not plush toys) animals. There is a picture of a small part of the display near the bottom of this page. Well, that display's been taken away.

Meanwhile at the mall post office, the postal clerk was being a bit surly. And then all of a sudden he said, "What are the odds that you have 8 bills all stamped?" Those were Where's George bills, of course, so I replied, "Pretty good, actually."
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