Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Day 3: Long Island

Point Lookout Point Lookout

Sunny and not as cold as yesterday.

Saw Eons at one of the geocaches and we did the next cache together too before going our separate ways.

There was still time, even after the 8th cache of the day but I decided to forego the ones further East because they weren't on the way I was going and I have to leave some for another day or there'll be nothing to do.

Traffic was free-flowing except near the Smithaven Mall on Route 347. No surprise there, given that this is the start of the shopping season.

Yancx's 13th Cache - Dogs Rule (New York)
Brookville Park in Queens.

Beach Cache (New York)
Point Lookout Beach.

NZ1 - Whitman Park (New York)
Whitman Park in Melville. I've been here before but I never found the correct way to enter the park so once again, I came in through holes in fences after crossing a ravine used for paintball.

RPA-18-R1 Miller Pond (New York)
Miller Pond in Smithtown. Ran into Eons here.

round yonder:S12 (New York)
Unknown wooded area in Coram. Also did this cache with Eons. Lots of ATVers in the area so we had to be careful not to reveal the cache.

Olsen Memorial Town Park in St. James.

say fire:S12 (New York)
Roadside microcache in Sayville.

Southern Greenbelt (New York)
Greenbelt Trail in Great River.

In other news:

Zokutou word meter
50,301 / 50,000

Then I ran the text through the Nanowrimo novel validator and got this:
Nanowrimo 2004 winner


And now I can sleep.
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