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Automated Personnel Evacuation System (APES)

1. The list of deity-foods compiled by firefoxkac for your one-stop sacrilegious edibles amusement. :)

2. According to the CompUSA weekly ad, you get a USB flash drive pen free if you buy Taxcut Deluxe. So I did that this evening. I expected to have to file some sort of rebate form in order to get cash back on the pen drive but what actually happened was the cashier overrode the item and entered a 0 for the price! So I don't need to file the rebate and I didn't get taxed on the pen drive either. Bonus!


4. The social status meme:

You scored as alternative. You're partially respected for being an individual in a conformist world yet others take you as a radical. You have no place in society because you choose not to belong there - you're the luckiest of them all, even if your parents are completely ashamed of you. Just don't take drugs ok?


Upper middle Class




Middle Class


Luxurious Upper Class


Lower Class


What Social Status are you?
created with

Well, you can only take so many Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwiches before you start to question the social order. :)

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