Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey

I-295 Southbound near Mt. Laurel I-295 Southbound near Mt. Laurel

Decided to sleep in this morning to get some rest, but found that the cold had abated significantly by the late morning. Anyway, I decided it would be good to go out and get some soup... at a Wawa store... in South Jersey... with a bunch of geocaches along the way!

Stonewalling is a Raquet (New Jersey)
Brookdale Park in Bloomfield. Based on the logs, I was the only successful finder today out of 3 cachers who went for this cache.

Bordentown's Northern Trail (New Jersey)
Northern Community Park in Bordentown. Swampy area. Whaddaya expect?

PENny - revisited (New Jersey)
Joseph Lawrence Park in Bordentown. Swampy area. Whaddaya expect?

Amico Micro (New Jersey)
Amico Island Park. It's actually a peninsula!

NJTPNPS (New Jersey)
James Fenimore Cooper (NJ Turnpike) Service Area in Mt Laurel. Hard to find in the dark, especially with someone fixing his car right next to the cache!


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