Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey again!

Smallest geocache? Smallest geocache?

Started the day by finding 10 lucky pennies on the driveway! Someone must have been throwing coins away again.

Another fine day to be outdoors. Sunny and not quite freezing. I started only 2 hours earlier than yesterday but somehow that translated into more than double the number of caches. Anyway, after the first cache, things happened very quickly. Met two groups of geocachers, herkojerko/justmecc and Reb&K, who helped immensely with the searching.

The last cache was a night cache. The coordinates were for the parking area and from there, I used a flashlight to follow a series of reflectors to the cache. Lots of fun and perfect for this time of the year when night comes early. One thing I've noticed is when it's dark, you can hear everything in the woods. In particular, squirrels on dry leaves were very noisy.

there's a hill in Pemberton? (New Jersey)
Pemberton, next to the lake.

Dino Cache (New Jersey)
Smithville County Park in Mount Holly.

Cache Wonder (New Jersey)
Medford WMA in Medford.

Log Your Find (New Jersey)
Abandoned house? Medford.

M.N.O.P.Q.R.S.T. (New Jersey)
A small cemetery in Medford. A really tiny geocache. See picture above.

Turkey Hill (New Jersey)
Mt Laurel State Park in Mt Laurel.

Camden County Park in Cherry Hill. Near a weather station.

Bridge Over Troubled Water (New Jersey)
Camden County Park in Cherry Hill.

Cherry Hill. Interesting dino sculptures in the yard.

Austin Ave Nostalgia (New Jersey)
Barrington. Weird location for a cache.

Got a Light ? { a suburban night cache} (New Jersey)
Timber Creek Park in Deptford. A night cache using a flashlight and reflectors.


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