Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bad eyesight! Bad!

Rained all day today but that didn't stop me from shopping, so I went out to have new glasses made for the prescription I got two months ago. Holy Greenspan! Lens prices sure have gone up a lot in the last two years! Good thing the AAA discount is still in effect.

Obviously, we would all avoid bad eyesight if we could. I know of no surefire way to do that, although this paper suggests that you can improve your odds of avoiding myopia, at least, by having non-myopic parents and by avoiding "near work". Unfortunately, you can't do anything about the former and somehow I don't think protecting your eyesight is a good excuse for getting out of schoolwork. Oh well.

Out of curiosity, I signed up to be a Wunderground Photographer. They do require that uploaded photos be weather-related but it appears that almost any photo taken outdoors can be considered weather-related. So it's no problem for me as most of my photos are outdoors anyway.

And finally, I noticed that this is entry #1000!
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