Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Very Pineapple of Perfection

Cloudy the whole day today. I tackled a few geocaches in the Bridgewater area. Then it started raining so I went home.

Foul Ball (New Jersey)
Teneyck Park in Somerville.

Dog days (New Jersey)
North Branch Park in Bridgewater. Easy walk by the North Branch of the Raritan River. Saw this fruit on the ground but had no idea what it is. No, it is not the pineapple of perfection!

Retirement Account (New Jersey)
Hillsborough. A small wooded area with a trail tucked away in a residential area.

Had to do a bit of banking this evening. The coin counting machine got stuck so it took a bit longer than expected. I remembered that there was a Toys For Tots donation barrel in the bank so I brought a bag of plush toys to drop off. It's an easy way to free up some space around the home and maybe someone can use those.

After that, I went to the Northern NJ Geocaching Meetup at the Panera Bread in Ramsey. No one else was there for the meetup so I just had dinner and left. It appears that this Panera Bread now has free Wi-Fi, which they proudly advertise in the store window. Didn't bring my laptop though.
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