Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Philcon Day 1

Went to a lot more panels today. Some of the panels didn't actually get off the ground, so I went from room to room until I found something interesting. The science panels ended up being the most interesting, although the most intriguing idea of the day came from one of the panelists at the panel on Internet security and privacy. He said that a lot of the silly auctions on eBay that no one will ever bid on are actually from terrorists and crime syndicates who have encoded their secret messages into the auction pictures through steganography. He pointed out that since there are so many auctions posted on eBay every day, it is easy for them to hide their communications channels as just a bunch of auctions among thousands. He also mentioned dating websites.

After dinner, I went to the masquerade event. Unfortunately, flash photography was not allowed during the performances so I couldn't get any pictures, although I did get a few pictures out in the hallway before and after the show.

Robot Man Clippy
Robot Man


After the masquerade, I went to some of the room parties and also the con suite. Funny thing is there was something else going on in the hotel this evening: a business-type party on the 5th floor. That's not the funny part. What's funny is someone in a formal suit from that other party came up to the 6th floor and was wandering around the Philcon parties too. He wasn't allowed into the con suite though.

I got 2 fortune cookies at dinner. One read "You are one of those people who 'goes places in life'" and the other read "You will travel far and wide for both pleasure and business." Hmm... are the cookies trying to tell me something? :)
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