Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Philcon Day 2

Last day of Philcon. Not really a full day as it ended at 4pm. Went to a few more science panels, including a panel on the Mars Homestead Project and one on alternate fuels. Also went to a writer's panel on cross-genre fiction, and another anime panel where they showed and made fun of clips of bad anime. (e.g. Attack of the Supermonsters.)

After lunch, I went to the feedback session and closing. They didn't have a firm count of the attendance but it was a bit over 1000, which was worse than last year (or so I heard) and the year before that. I wasn't going there specifically to meet people, so the lower attendance is actually good because all the events and panels are less crowded. On the other hand, it's bad for the con because with less money coming in, they won't be able to afford to do as many things. (Although they still seem to be able to afford this very nice hotel.)

Something I heard at the con suite: Yesterday evening, the con shared space with the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Nursing Holiday Ball. (TJUHNHB) So, on the 5th floor, there was a large group of TJUHNHB people in formalwear, and everywhere else in the hotel, the Philcon attendees were in street clothes or Renaissance-type clothes/costumes. Some TJUHNHB people ran into some Philcon attendees in an elevator. Naturally, the TJUHNHB people were curious and so they asked what was going on. When they were informed that it was a sci-fi convention, the TJUHNHB people said "Freaks!"

So if you think furries are the only ones who receive scorn, that isn't true. Other fandoms sometimes get that treatment too from outsiders.

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