Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Donation Obsession

Hauled out 9 more bags of toys this morning to the Toys For Tots donation barrel at the bank. Funny how even this has turned into an obsession. The barrel at the bank is now full and when I last saw it, toys were piled up more than a foot above the brim. One benefit of going through all the plush toys picking out suitable ones for donation is I found my light table! I have no idea why it was packed away in the box with the toys.

Oil change this evening. Mileage is 196,770.

Preparing for the Virginia Beach trip, now that there are no more hurricanes. I was looking at the list of geocaches around the 23462 zipcode and geocaching activity has really increased over there. Last year, I went all over Hampton Roads, up as far as Williamsburg, for about 40 or so geocaches. This year, there are that many within just a few miles of the motel! So it appears that they're getting very close to stashing caches in every neighborhood park. I noticed that there's even one at the Military Circle Mall. I also entered I-95 as a search keyword and there are now a few more rest stop and park 'n ride caches along the way so I'll be making a few stops before and after the DC area.

I also printed out a list of Hardee's restaurants and maps for a few of them around Fredericksburg and Virginia Beach / Norfolk. Among other things, I want to try the Monster Thickburger. (The link is a coupon.)

And finally, I plan to hit Things Unlimited at least once. A thrift store that has, in the past, sold fursuits is definitely worth checking out again.
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