Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Sybaritic Delights

So here I am in Virginia Beach. Got one of the front rooms at the motel this time so I have a great view of the beach I-264 ramp. :)

The drive was pretty much old hat as this is the fifth year I've been down this way. Along the way, I engaged in sybaritic delights by finding geocaches hidden in rest areas and near off-ramps. While they were all really easy, those were all good opportunities to stop for a rest before continuing the drive.

I stopped in Fredericksburg to grab a late lunch at the Hardee's on Plank Road and grab a few geocaches in the area. I saw a Sheetz store, which is the first time I encountered one of those, but decided not to eat there for now because if I wanted to, I could always visit the one in Whitehall, PA. One of the geocaches happened to be at the edge of a Wal-Mart parking lot so I decided what the hey, let's go see if they still have paw slippers at this late time of the year. Yes, they did! And it was a harder-to-find (at least in my area) grey paw too. So that's what I drove 300 miles for. :)

Arrived in Virginia Beach after dark. After checking in at the motel, I went over to the Greenbrier Mall to Animal World to get a "Fox Crossing" sign. (No, I didn't have it planned all along.) Then I went to the Hardee's on Indian River Road. That restaurant had a band and live music. How odd. I got a Monster Thickburger. It doesn't look as big as it does in the picture but it's filling. Pretty good too because it had an adequate amount of bacon. I'll have another one later, but not tomorrow because I don't want to kill myself. :)

SBUX 15 - I-95 Rest Stop (Maryland)
Chesapeake House Rest Area in North East.

I 95 - In The Brush (Maryland)
Open area near Park 'n Ride in Port Deposit.

Premium Outlets in Perryville. Shopping area cache!

I-95 South MicroBreak (Maryland)
Rest area in Laurel.

Central Park Cachette 2 (Virginia)
Central Park in Fredericksburg. Despite the name, it's actually a shopping center!

Do you remember when? (Virginia)
Wal-Mart strip mall in Fredericksburg.

SBUX 53 - E=MC2 (Virginia)
Starbucks strip mall in Fredericksburg.

Ridin' Southbound (Virginia)
Rest area in Ruther Glen.

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