Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Twelve-Waypoint Program

"Twelve Step Program" was the very first cache of the day. If it's supposed to be rehab, it sure didn't help because it ended up being a 16-cache day! The great part about having all the caches close together and almost all in the same city is it didn't take long to do the whole lot of them. Took a break between the 12th and 13th cache to have lunch at a Hardee's I came across. Tried the Six Dollar Burger this time. It's similar to Burger King's Whopper, except that it has more fixings.

The only geocacher I saw today was tomcatATgod. And that was only because he placed a cache at his house! I guess he's not worried about stalkers. :)

In the evening, I went to Things Unlimited near the East end of Virginia Beach Blvd. When I got there, I saw that no cars were in the parking lot and the store was empty. I was wondering what had happened when I saw a sign saying that they had gone out of business. Darn! Oh well, I'll always remember that thrift store for the interesting stuff I got there.

Twelve Step Program (Virginia)
Military Circle Mall in Norfolk. As another geocacher wrote, this is an enabler, not rehab. :)

Just a Piece of the Puzzle #06 (Virginia)
Woodstock Park in Virginia Beach.

Snoopy's Little Friend (Virginia)
Another part of Woodstock Park in Virginia Beach.

Stoney Brook (Virginia)
Stoney Brook Park in Virginia Beach.

Just a Piece of the Puzzle #02 (Virginia)
Kempsville Rec Center in Virginia Beach.

Just a Piece of the Puzzle #05 (Virginia)
Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach.

Catch me if you can! (Virginia)
Near Thalia Station in Virginia Beach.

No Mow Zone (Virginia)
Rosemont area in Virginia Beach.

Piney Branch Micro (Virginia)
Francis Land House in Virginia Beach.

Eureka!! You found it!! (Virginia)
Eureka Park in Virginia Beach.

Lineberry Park (Virginia)
Lineberry Park in Virginia Beach.

Northgate Neighborhood Park (Virginia)
Northgate Park in Virginia Beach.

Doxey (Virginia)
Doxey Park in Virginia Beach.

Take me out to the ball park!! (revised) (Virginia)
Buckner Farms Park in Virginia Beach.

Tomcat Hangar 3574 (Virginia)
The cache owner's house!

Urban Picnic Micro (Virginia)
Shopping area in Virginia Beach.


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