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2nd day in Virginia Beach.

"Teenie Tiny Jr." now holds the record as the smallest cache I've seen. (picture from cache page) We're now probably one step away from searching for pieces of lint. Seriously, I nearly didn't have enough dexterity to open it. There was a tiny piece of paper inside for the log and fortunately, a bit of shaking got the paper out.

Also found the "Do Not Find This Cache!" geocache today, proving that I'm bad at following instructions. :)

There was a Hardee's on the same road as the 6th cache of the day so I went there for lunch. Had a Western Bacon Thickburger, which is essentially a thickburger with bacon and fried onions. I noticed that they have a low-carb thickburger on the menu but it looks strange in the picture without a bun.

Went to Military Circle in the evening so dinner was at the Mongolian BBQ on the perimeter of the mall. It's a bit odd that one of the meats they have now for the BBQ is surimi.

Just a Piece of the Puzzle #10 (Virginia)
Indian River Park in Chesapeake.

Teenie Tiny Jr. (Virginia)
A ballfield in Chesapeake.

Just a Piece of the Puzzle #11 (Virginia)
Greenbrier Sports Park in Chesapeake.

The Lost Squirrel Cache (Virginia)
City View Park in Virginia Beach.

Salem's Lot (Virginia)
Salem Woods in Virginia Beach.

Under Where? (Virginia)
Pembroke Meadows Wayside (long name for a pocket park) in Virginia Beach.

Yet Another City Park! (Virginia)
Little Neck Park in Virginia Beach.

Pincachin' in Lynnhaven (Virginia)
Lynnhaven Park in Virginia Beach.

Do Not Find This Cache! (Virginia)
Great Neck Community Park in Virginia Beach. Can't resist this one!

Dollar for Dollar (Virginia)
Great Neck District Park in Virginia Beach.

Just a Piece of the Puzzle #12 (Virginia)
Bayville Farms Park in Virginia Beach.

Lets go Fishing ! (Virginia)
Lake Smith Fishing Station in Norfolk.


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