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Daylight Wasting Time

It happens every time. Now, my schedule is all upside-down. Going to sleep too early and waking up too early. Of course, you know what that means. Early morning geocaching! Went out to Harriman State Park this morning to find a brand-new cache. Also visited a virtual cache out in Goshen, and still made it back in plenty of time for work. Nice.

Anyway, if anyone is having problems with Vim on Windows NT/2000/XP/etc after the clock switchover... Oops, fire alarm!

Okay, back again. Went across the street to have breakfast at Panera. If you're having problems with Vim erroneously telling you that the file has changed on the disk when you try to save it and this happens after the switch to standard time, the remedy is to either set the Windows clock or turn off the "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" option. Apparently, that feature causes the system clock and the filesystem to have two different times just after the switchover.

Worked on some cache stats recently. It turns out that the average difficulty rating of the caches I've found is 1.734 and the average terrain is 1.698. (Tries to imagine 0.734 of a star. :) ) Not that high for either but I think that's because there are many more easy caches around than difficult ones, and I haven't gone for all the difficult ones yet.


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