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All geocaching all the time!

Whew, quite a weekend! As you know, the power was out Friday evening. Since the power wasn't back by Saturday morning, it was time to go out geocaching! Not that I needed an excuse anyway. Besides, it was pointless to sit at home with nothing working.

Found 10 caches in South Jersey! Well, not all South Jersey. Two of them were in Mercer County, which might be considered part of Central Jersey. One was in Monmouth County along the way south. The rest were in the Mt. Holly and Springfield area and nearly all of those were placed by a very enthusiastic new cache hider. Even met another group of cachers whom I'd always wanted to meet as we always seem to be hitting the same caches in the Philly to Princeton stretch. All in all, a very productive day.

Returned home in the evening to find the power still out. Rats!

The power came back early Sunday morning. No time to log all those caches online so it's back on the road again to hit some caches in Morris County. Boy, a couple of weekends caching in the flatlands of South Jersey and Philly can sure make you go soft. Either that or the hills of Morris County are a lot steeper and higher these days. :) What a workout some of the caches were. One of those was probably my fault. If I'd looked harder for the correct trail instead of just taking a shortcut on the steep gravel road, it may have been easier. Then again, I didn't know how long or convoluted the trail would have been. So only 4 caches on Sunday.

And oh by the way, the last cache on Saturday was my 800th find! Yay!
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