Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Christmas Eve

Went to OfficeMax in the morning to return the incompatible wireless print server. No questions asked and I got cash. Nice.

Then I went to the Morristown area and proceeded to find 4 geocaches. Also logged this benchmark because I practically tripped over it getting to the cache. Met Tombstone at one of the cache sites. It's actually a fortunate meeting because he informed me that the cache wasn't yet available. Why people don't place the cache before listing it at the geocaching site is beyond me. That's rather annoying too.

Then in the evening, I went for a Chinese (well, Malaysian actually) dinner in East Hanover as planned. Also went to the nearby Chinese supermarket to stock up on pancakes. And while I was there, I got a box of chocolates. (weird Chinese chocolates, of course :) )

Anyway, since the day has arrived: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Rock-A-Bye-Alien Cache (New Jersey)
Speedwell Park and Patriot's Path in Morristown. This park is the home of the enigmatic wall without a house.

For Dog Lover's Only (New Jersey)
Lewis Morris Park in Morristown.

Beside the Point (New Jersey)
Brundage Park in Randolph.

Ironia Trails (New Jersey)
Patriot's Path in Black River WMA in Chester.

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