Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Christmas Day

Henderson Pond frozen over Henderson Pond frozen over

I wasn't going to go out today but I saw that a geocache named "Christmas Presents" had popped up and I couldn't resist! Couldn't stop at just one though, so I went to "Achkinkeshacky" after that.

The latter cache was in Teaneck, and so the Chinese supermarket in River Edge was on my way home. I knew it would be open today so I figured why not? Went in and I noticed that they had a wide array of prepared food. Then I remembered that it's the weekend and they usually do a lot more cooking on Saturday and Sunday. Great! I got the boxed lunch, and enough sides and snacks to last the next week or so. (Anything I didn't eat today can be stored in the freezer and microwaved when needed.) (Got a Where's George hit already!)

Christmas Presents (New Jersey)
Henderson Pond in West Paterson.

Achkinkeshacky (New Jersey)
Hackensack Greenway in Teaneck.

So what did I give and get?

Well, first, I got 9 Christmas cards. Thanks very much to everyone who sent one. I sent out a bunch of cards too, which should all be with you by now.

I don't have family or relatives here so the "presents" would be items I got for myself. I guess almost anything I purchased within the month of December would qualify, so I got:
- Photoshop Elements 3
- paw slippers
- "Fox Crossing" sign
- Wolf's Rain #4 DVD

There are a few more items (mostly computer hardware upgrades) I plan on getting, but those can wait.

And oh yeah, there was also a Livejournal photo hosting quota increase. I should try to get pictures into more of my entries.

As for the giving, I donated enough plush toys to fill a Toys for Tots barrel. Those toys were just sitting around in storage so I hope some kids will enjoy them better.

Also... I called my parents last night. Since they live on the other side of the world, it was already Christmas morning for them. Told them about my trip to Virginia Beach. Then they said that they now have spanish moss. It seems the previous owner of the house grew some spanish moss in the yard and he decided that he'll leave the spanish moss there when he sells the house to my parents. I'm not even sure if spanish moss can grow in that climate but if they say that's what it is, then I guess that's what it is.

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