Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Snow Day

Clinton Brook, as seen from Clinton Road Fallen light pole
Clinton Brook, as seen from Clinton Road Fallen light pole

About an inch of snow fell overnight here. Looks like Long Island got most of the snowfall, with 9 inches in Bridgehampton.

Went out this morning to find the Lame Roadside Cache #86: Clinton Road-Hidden Falls geocache in Newfoundland, NJ. I figured even with the snow, a roadside cache ought to be easy. It would depend, of course, on whether the roads had been cleared of snow. That was the case by the time I got out there so it was an easy drive all the way and I was able to park on the side of the road about a hundred feet past the cache.

In the evening, I went out to Office Depot because I figured I'd get one of the items on the buy list out of the way. That item would be a UPS upgrade for the desktop computer because the 280VA UPS I was using was seriously underpowered. I guess I could put the radio or something on the old UPS. That was when I saw the downed light pole in the parking lot. I don't know why they didn't barricade it off as someone is bound to go there and get himself cut on the broken glass. (possibly while trying to photograph the downed light pole :) )

Brought the new UPS home, which led to my next project of sorting out the rat's nest of wires, power strips, and UPSes under the table. I found several transformer plugs that weren't connected to anything so I removed them. One surprise was that the external modem, which I hadn't used in a few years, was still plugged in. I also managed to free up one power strip by rearranging plugs. (There are way too many peripherals.) Then I put in the new UPS and it's running now.

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